A. At Taj Mahal- One of the seven wonders of the world

B. Our Ayurvedic Cooking class at the Govardhan Eco Village



C. Plucking flowers for the Flower festival in Radhagopinath Temple in Mumbai



















D. Cultural Evening at our parents in Delhi-Everyone enjoyed the meals, love and culture


E. Dinner table at the Govardhan Eco village


F. Sharing circles were indeed the best part of the trip


G. Elephant Sanctuary in Mathura- meeting the beautiful Elephant people


H. Learning how cow dung can be used to generate fuel for cooking at the Govardhan Eco Village

I. Highlight of the trip-Personal meeting with Radhanath Swami and learning from him


J. At the Elephanta caves in Mumbai

K. Gang at the Madan Mohan temple in Vrindavan

L. Even arrivals are fun for our gang

M. Enjoying our meals


















N. At the Sandipani Muni school in Vrindavan to serve meals to the children-remembering our own childhood at the School.

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