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My first favourite thing in a trip was Shivani and Shivangi praying Namaste Narasimha prayers. After that prayer, I knew everything will be fine. All sightseeing was amazing. I loved the cave by Ganges river and of course Ganges bathing. My highlight of the trip was Vrindavan parikrama, flower festival in Mumbai and seeing authentic Indian architecture. Thank you from a bottom of my heart for taking me, Remis and our daughter under your wing. I felt absolutely safe and happy in a land of India. If anybody is thinking about India trip I highly recommend only going with the best spiritual warriors Shivani and Shivangi! Thank you, dear sisters for your patience, prayers and high spirit! You are changing peoples lives or might say liftemes.

I loved workshops with the monks, Ganges, cave chanting, and witnessing all the spiritual practices!! The Journey Home should be a must read before one goes. It makes the trip much more valuable. I love the Krishna movement. I’m definitely interested in learning more and perhaps making Hare Krishna my religious practice of choice. I have several pictures I bought of Krishna, 1 is on my desk. Thank you so much for your patience and loving nature. Much love and blessings to you.

I absolutely would recommend this trip to Anyone/Everyone and especially my family. I truly loved this experience and you two beautiful young ladies made the trip even more special it was great getting to know you both on a deeper level and I wouldn’t want to have learned about Krishna from anyone else. Thanks 😊 🙏 and I do plan to go again in a few year’s…..I’d like to bring my son.

I am grateful that I had the experience of this trip with Shivangi, Shivani and their lovely family. India is amazing and it felt like I was in another world. The people of India were a highlight for me. To meet them and experience how wonderful they are. I really loved having the parents along with us for part of the trip and especially the Monks being there with us.

Shivangi, shivani and father did soooo much. I can’t imagine going on a similar trip with an American tour guide. From haggling with Tuk tuk drivers to getting us into the Lotus temple despite huge lines. And of course all the details that they did before we ever left home. The flower festival is my highlight of the trip. Not anything you can get on ANY normal trip to India.

I found a more in depth knowledge of & relationship to Hara Krishna, the rituals and devotional practices and a better understanding of the Bhagavad Gita with interpretations by the monks. They were such an added bonus to this journey and hopefully can return on the next trip. As well more heart opening connection to the culture ,environment, landscape, people, Hindi traditions through a vibrant lens India offers. I do love the Soul connection I experience while here. You have a delicous heart opening itinerary in place that can be tweaked to your liking….Again I thank you for such an outstanding experience , friendships made with many …of course with the two of you, with Radhanath Swami and Krishna. Grateful I am…

I love India! I felt happy to be there, one of the things I learned was to be more silent and listen more. Quieting my mind was a great challenge. I am very grateful to the monks for the messages they offered us. It is an experience like no other. From the moment it starts to the end. I loved the places we visited. The food and all the logistics were amazing. I feel very grateful for the love and dedication that Shivani, Shivangi and papa put into this trip.

I love India. I’m going to continue learning about Bhakti Yoga. Love exposure to Bhakti Yoga and – what can I say but the lovely lovely images I’d seen of the people, colors, and love in Mother India. Thank you SO much: Shivani, Shivangi, Papa, Shyamananda das & Chaitanya Charan das.

The Monks traveling and talks were very very good, I like those kind of presentations. I enjoyed meeting Shivani and Shivangi’s parents and their grandma. Train ride was extra fun because mamá was enjoying it with me. It was a pleasure meeting “the twins”!

One of my morning mantras is “Lord I love you. I surrender and trust you will place me where I need to be amongst your children at all times”. Our meeting with Shivani and Shivangi at the sacred Joshua tree 3 years ago has powerfully transformed my wife’s and I’s lives. Their endless devotion, dedication, knowledge and enthusiasm is other worldly. They have kindly taken us to their parents home in New Delhi while guiding us through Vrindavan, Govardhan Hill, Kolkata and Mayapur. They have become family. If you are going to be traveling with these divine angels, prepare to laugh quite a bit as well and eat the yummiest of all foods. They are true protectors, my sisters and my ideals.

Shivangi and Shivani are truly guardian angels,  I feel so blessed to have them in my life as my dear sisters. We met in 2015 and our first trip to India would not have been the same if it wasn’t for these two gracious souls. They took my husband and I in as family,  made us feel safe, meanwhile showing us all of the beautiful treasures India has to offer. Every year I look forward to the opportunity to go back to India with Shivani and Shivangi. I am constantly in awe of their knowledge and their generosity. I am forever grateful for these two angels, they truly are the definition of gracious selfless service,  I feel spiritually charged in their presence .  If you have the opportunity to travel to incredible India with them you will have once in a lifetime memories that are priceless! The sights, the laughs, the smells, the beauty, the delicious food, and the abundance of joy is something I hold dear in my heart and I will cherish forever.

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