Do I need vaccination before the travel?

Not Necessary

It is not mandatory to get vaccinated. But if you feel comfortable and safe, you may get them from a certified local travel clinic in your city.

Regarding COVID-19, we are strictly following recommendations of CDC and local government. As of Feb 2024, Indian Government DOES NOT require the travelers to be vaccinated**, however, we encourage seekers to take the vaccination for their own safety. (**Policies are subject to change)

What if I have to cancel the trip?

Oh No!

  • Advance deposit (250$) paid at the time of registration is NON REFUNDABLE/NON TRANSFERRABLE
  • Full payment made in October towards the entire trip is NON REFUNDABLE/NON TRANSFERRABLE
  • There will be no refunds/reimbursements for arriving late or leaving early due to personal reasons (flight cancellations, visa delays or illness)
  • We recommend everyone to buy travel insurance to secure your travel

How do I secure my spot on the trip?


  • Go to “Register Now” tab on the welcome page
  • Fill out the registration form
  • Send 250$ advance deposit (non-refundable/non-transferrable) via PayPal link
  • Registration is confirmed ONLY after the receipt of advance deposit

Why this trip is incredibly affordable?

It is a unique gift of love!

  • Our trip is budget friendly because we do not make money through this.
  • We purely do it as a seva/service to reciprocate with the love we have received from our teachers , parents and India.
  • We bear our own expenses like all other participants.
  • There will be no hidden/extra costs (No surprises except monkeys in Vrindavan 🙂 )

Do I need a visa to travel & when should I apply?


  • Everyone who is not an Indian citizen needs a visa
  • eVisa turn around time is 7-10 days
  • Visa fees depend on the duration of the visa requested
  • *Caution: Participants from outside of USA (Canada and others) may not be eligible for eVisa
  • We will help everyone to secure their visas, get in touch with us!

What are the deadlines for registration & payments?

Note it down!

  • Registrations close-May, 2024 (or until full)
  • Purchase of Airline tickets-May-June, 2024 
  • Full payment due for the Trip-October 2024
  • Apply for Visa-November 2024
  • Signed “Liability Waiver” form-December 2024     

Do I need to know anything before I come on this trip?

YES: Two Mandatory Reads!

How do I prepare for the trip?

Don’t miss our conference calls!

  • We will schedule many virtual/zoom conference calls before the trip. Our conference calls will be extremely detailed and will thoroughly prepare you for the travel.
  • We will help each one you at personal level as well if there is a need.
  • Topics related to buying tickets, weather, clothing, security/safety, currency exchange and all other logistics will be discussed.
  • We will also have Q & A sessions.
  • These calls will also help us to make friends with other fellow seekers and get to know each other even before the actual travel.

Do I need to be physically fit to join this pilgrimage?

It is a combination of retreat and a pilgrimage!

This trip is in between a retreat and a pilgrimage. Retreat because it is comprehensively curated; with minimum to no unknown factors; it is meant to be fun and largely comfortable. However, some aspects are like a pilgrimage which means we must open our hearts to encounter the unfamiliar, most importantly encounter with oneself as uncontrolled circumstances starts to reveal one to one’s self.

This trip will be heart opening, fulfilling, soul stirring but as it is said “No gain without pain”. Here are some of the features that we will all expereince and we hope you’all ready!

  • Packed itinerary
  • Lot of movement as we cover 7 destinations in 20 days
  • 6-8 hours of bus rides
  • Traveling through areas with poor air quality
  • One/two days of early mornings/late nights
  • Some walking is involved (mile and a half per day on an average!)

What if I can only come for a part of the trip?

Full payment is expected irrespective!

  • All hotels give us a package that includes food and we pay per room cost with each room charged for double occupancy, so if you decide to not join the whole trip but only a part of it, you still would be requested to pay the full cost.
  • Like for example: If the room per day cost 100 USD including food. You pay 50 and your roommate pays 50. Now if u leave in the middle, we still have to pay 100 but we can’t ask your roommate to pay 100 (to cover the cost for you), they still will be liable to pay only their share of 50, and the half 50 has to be paid by you even if you leave the trip in between.